Looking for employees?

3 reasons …

why you benefit from personnel services as an employer.

# 1 flexibility

The first reason is the ability to react flexibly to bottlenecks.

Suppose your order books are well filled and your capacities are well utilized. Perfect!
And yet there are always pitfalls that you should be prepared for.

What if you …
– get the opportunity to accept another order?
– have to react to short-term staff shortages?
– cannot urgently recruit urgently needed specialists?
– have to meet a promised completion date?

The answer to such staff shortages can be temporary employees, which a personnel service provider or a temporary agency provides. Especially if permanent utilization of a newly created position is not certain, you should consider this option to increase your capacity in the medium term.

# 2 Predictable costs

“A permanent employee is cheaper in the long run”, you might think. But is that really the case?

In the long run, a full workforce of course costs less than a temporary workforce. It would simply be wrong to say otherwise – and yet: a risk remains. If you have to hire staff for a large order to handle the workload … what happens afterwards? At the latest when the load decreases after work is done, a question mark quickly arises about profitability.

The costs for employees of an employment agency are firmly calculable. You bear no cost risk for illness-related absences, vacation times or if you can no longer fully utilize individual positions. We would be happy to advise you on possible options for your company.

# 3 Less effort

Number three in this list mainly concerns your internal processes, which you cannot avoid looking for reinforcements.

The bureaucratic effort involved in hiring new employees is not without: job advertisements, selection procedures, registrations, certificates, forms … You can save yourself all these things if you hire employees through an employment agency. Not bureaucratic, uncomplicated and quick.

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